Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition Modtech Windows

Pre Priced Deals

The organised urban development of Irish property portfolio enables us to make some pre-priced standardized packages for windows and doors replacement for the most popular two bedroom and three bedroom houses that can be found in various estates throughout Ireland.

Our Pre-priced packages enable our customers to have a quick estimate for their windows and Doors needs. For Example most 3 Bedroom houses would consist of 3 windows + 1 door at the front ; 4 windows +1 door at the back, and 1 side window.

We have built up our Pre-priced packages based on most popular sizes, and if the measurements of your orders does not exceed the measurements of the products displayed in our Pre-priced packages, the displayed Pre-price is guaranteed.

This feature offered by our website will enable you to take a quick informed decision without all the hassle of extra back and forth communication .

Fully Custom Orders.

If your needs are not anywhere near our pre priced deals or you  prefer to have an agent come and have a consultation and take the measurements before any quotation is provided to you, this can be arranged by phone or via our contact form/request a consultation.

Customer Involvement

At Modtech Windows we want to appreciate every customer and their desire regarding the level of involvement in the project they are going to undertake.Therefore we offer more options regarding the way you can place an order with Modtech Windows.

If you are technically enabled and wish to get involved in taking the measurements yourself and place the order directly you can save some time by skipping a few logistic steps.

Modtech Windows supplies uPVC and Aluminium custom made windows and doors for Irish market.

Every order is custom made using materials to customers’ choice based on customers’ self-taken measurements or agent-taken measurements subsequently approved by customer.

  1. Preliminary Cost Estimation

To enable yourself to take an informed decision for your windows and doors needs you can request a NON OBLIGATORY Preliminary Cost Estimation for your projects.

Simply measure your existing windows, and doors and send us the measurements via the Preliminary Cost Estimation form and we will send you a Preliminary Cost Estimation.

If your house is part of an estate with typical 2,3 or 4 Bedroom, we may already have a Pre-Priced Preliminary Cost Estimation already on our website, and this will speed up the process.

  1. Decision

Should you decide to go ahead with the order exact measurements will have to be taken.

  1. Taking Measurements

Before we proceed with the order exact measurements need to be taken. For this we have two options:

  1. Self-Taken Measurements:

If you are technically enabled and you want to take responsibility for the measurements you can do this yourself and save some money. Modtech windows offers customer the option to take the measurements themselves based on our guidance.

For Salf -Taken Measurements orders the customer understands that he/she is solely responsible for the measurements taken and modtech windows does not take any responsibility should the windows and doors built exactly  to customer taken measurements do not fit in the desired place.

If a Self-Taken Measurements order is purchased together with fitting services and the products built exactly to customer’s measurements does not fit the desired places the fitter may refuse to carry on the job. Should alterations be needed to enlarge the desired places to fit the new windows or doors, should this be technically possible, the fitter may choose to do so, at extra charge.

b. Agent-Taken Measurements.((Recommended)

If you decide to proceed with the order and you want one of our Agents to take the measurements contact us and arrangements will be made for Modtech Windows Agent to call out to your property at a convenient time to take the measurements.

  1. Payment.

  1. Supply and Fit Orders

      1. Deposit of 50% is payable when placing the order

      2. Further 20% and delivery charge is Payable when your goods have been received and ready for delivery at Modtech Windows premises before they are delivered to customer premises

      3. Balance of 30% is payable upon completion of fitting services.

    1. Supply Only

      1. Deposit of 50% is payable when placing the order

      2. Further 50% and delivery charge is Payable when your goods have been received and ready for delivery at Modtech Windows premises before they are delivered to customer premises

  1. Delivery and Fitting

Delivery charge is calculated based on weight, volume and distance to the final destination. Unless otherwise specified, the delivery charge is not included in the displayed price of the products and is chargeable separately. This charge may be applied at checkout, or separately if you place a custom order that needs further technical information regarding weight based on glass/profile  you choose and their respective weight variation.

  1. Delivery for Supply only Products.

If your order does not include fitting, the delivery will be carried out only if the products are fully paid in advance.

If you paid a deposit when placing the order, this will secure the commencement of production and delivery of your goods to our premises.

Upon confirmation of your goods being received to our premises, you will be notified and will be requested to pay the outstanding balance together with the Delivery Charge which will be communicated to you.

Upon confirmation of balance and delivery being paid, one of our delivery agents will be in touch with you to arrange a date and time-frame suitable for you to receive the goods.

b. Delivery for Supply and Fitting.

If your order includes supply and fitting depending of the size of your order the products may be delivered and fitted in the same day.

On some occasions, the goods may be delivered at an earlier date and subsequently the fitting team will arrange a date(or more as required) that bests suits you for fitting.

If you did not may the order in full, and only paid a deposit smaller than 70% of the whole amount(supply +fitting)  upon confirmation of your goods being received to our premises you will be notified and required to pay the balance up to 50% of the whole amount(supply +fitting) before the goods are delivered for the purpose of fitting.

The remaining balance of 30% is payable on the day of completion of fitting by cash, or cheque.

  1. Returns.

    1. Modtech Windows offers made to measure custom products and does not offer refunds!

  2. Reviews

    1. We value customer feedback and are constantly seeking to improve customer experience with our company, therefore we would appreciate if you could rate your experience with us.

  3. Complains

    1. If you are not fully satisfied with our products and services please let us know via contact us form or fill in a Complaint form.