About Us

Mod Tech Windows is a Trading Name of Modtech Innovation LTD was formed as a solution for the ever increasing need of high efficiency homes that need to be built and/or fitted with high efficient windows and doors.
Mod Tech Windows is partnering with various large manufacturers and processors around Europe all CE certified and ISO certified for their products and activities.
We have picked our partners based on the quality of their products and systems which is backed by decades of experience and empowered by their constant efforts research and innovation of the technological process.
When it comes to windows and doors the following aspects  should be taken into consideration:
The Aesthetics: 
  • The style of the windows and doors while it does not make your house warmer, or quieter it is one of the most important feature, because before you enter a house to be able to asses the cosiness and the quietness of it you can see it. It is imperious important for one to feel good about the look of their house and to be proud of it. It is important to choose the windows and doors to fit your style.
The level energy efficiency
  • When it comes to energy efficient of windows and doors there are four factors that influence it
    • type and quality of the glazing. it is recommended to choose glazing made of multiple layers with some gas between them to serve as thermal barrier
    • casement and sash
      • it is extremely important to choose the right casement and sash. The profile used to build the casement and sash needs to be selected carefully. Th PVC casement and sash are built from profiles of different levels of strength and energy efficiency.
      • The level of energy efficient of the casement and sash is generally speaking increased by braking the thermal flow . By using a profile with more chambers the thermal barrier is higher and the energy efficiency becomes higher.
      • to strengthen the casement many profile have metal inserts in them. While this technique increases the security of the 
    • The fitting and sealing of glazing  in sash
      • Careful fitting of glazing in the sash with high innovative thermal resistant sealing serves as a thermal barrier, and by breaking the thermal flow improves the over all energy efficiency of a window or door
    • The sealing of casement in the building.
      • Careful fitting of casement in the building with high innovative thermal resistant sealing serves as a thermal barrier, and by breaking the thermal flow improves the over all energy efficiency of a window or door
The durability
  • Depending on material used the the windows and may be more or less resistent in time. It is vitally important do asses the type of use for each window and door and for high manuverability windows and doors ith is important to invest in windows and doors built with stronger, more durable profiles, reinforesd with metal insertion, as well as strong long lasting ironware.For hignh traffic institutions and public buildings it is recommended to use aluminium profiles as they are more resistant in time, more durable.
The level of security
  • The level of security is offered by a combination of factors in windows and doors industry:
    • the glazing becomes more secure by security lamination
    • the the casement and sash can be made more secure by inserts of reinforcement metal in the profiles they are manufactured from.
    • the strength and type of ironware . For increased security multiple point locking systems should be used.
At Mod Tech Windows we have handpicked a number of suppliers form accorss Europe that satisfy our high standards criteria and are now enabling us to supply the Irish and UK market with a large variety of windows and doors.

We supply UPVC doors and windows with profiles from 67mm (3 chambers)  to 92mm (6 chambers) that are suitable for different uses from industrial to residential use. While soem profiles come only in white, on other we have a large variety of coloursPlease see the colour section in main menu.
We supply Aluminium windows and doors. The Aluminium joinery is more resistant and is usually used in public buildings or buildings with high traffic. 

Weather you are looking to replace one or more windows or doors, or you build your house and need windows and doors, or you are a project manager of a small site or a big site, please contact us and we are happy to assist you with our technical knowledge and to come up with a suggestion and non obligatory quotation for your project.

Mod tech Windows is operating  in  B2B and B2C models and is currently seeking to expand by partnering with re-seller and distribution companies. While we are using our in-house .team of fitters/installers on most of our projects, we are constantly looking for alternative installers to work as subcontractors on some projects at peak times when the level of sales exceeds our fitting capacity.

If you are a windows installer looking for contracts please email us at info@modtechwindows.eu wint a short description of your company, including area where operating, availability, size of your team and rates per window/door fitted including own transport from base to site, tools and equipment, disposal of old windows and doors, sealant and after fitting review and adjustment.

If you are an established window re-seller and fitter, and would like to switch to us as your supplier, please contact us and we will offer you a discounted offer for first year on top pf our already competitive prices