High efficient insulating glazing is the core components of any energy efficient uPVC, wooden or aluminium window. Therefore we are integrating into all windows and doors glazing manufactured using the latest techniques and the latest modern technology in the industry.

Through a strategic collaboration with one of the largest European distributors of glazing we have succesfully integrated high-performance glazing in our windows. Mod Tech Windows team will always provide technical advice for choosing the right glazing for your windows and doors depending on the functions required to perform and based on customers' submitted requests.

High level of thermal protection up to 1.0 w / mpk in our double glazing equipped with Low-emission or the new generation 4 Season line


Our glazing is produces using high precision cutting technology


Our glazing comes in various thicknesses depending on the requirements for the end product's use. The windows are made from two to four layers of glass as required to improve level of energy efficiency, durability over time and security. 

Our windows are made with quality assured components

Multiple layers of glass, desiccant coating, low conductivity spacers, butyl sealing, polysulfide, transparent glass, mono component and three component resins are  the components that build a low heat loss high energy efficient window.  To achieve higher results the cavity between windows are filled with Low-E gas, Argon or 4 Seasons gas