Ecological materials have become a world wide priority lately. The 2D Salamander profile system is created by partially using recycled materials through the Bi-extrusion technology. The physical and mechanical properties of these profiles are up to the standards or even above the standards of the classic profiles.

     The 2D Salamander has proven to be a solid profile, yet elegant due to it’s subtle lines and discreet design.

     The biggest advantage of this profile is seen financially. The joinery created out of these profiles, combined with the ROTO Light metal system is the product that answers to the majority of the buyers, having both quality and an advantageous price.

Technical details:

- 60mm width with three isolation rooms;;

- TPE grey rounded welding fittings;

- LIGHT ROTO metal fittings (CENTRO with small changes, instead of galvanized zinc);

- Large door frames are available, 104 mm patio doors and traffic doors at an advantageous cost;

- Window handle with a classic design;

- Heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.5W/m2K;

- Sound insulation to 46 dB;

- Safety class: Class 2 burglary.


- Windows

- Balcony Doors

- Interior Doors

- Exterior Doors (including ornaments)

- Sliding Windows and Doors

Available Colors: White